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Moving from one house to another or from a different country is considered to be one of the difficult  tasks as a lot of stuff needs to be packed and transported. Sometimes you have uncountable items and the new place does not have much space to store it properly which leads to less storage space and the citizens further need to find an organised space to stack it up. 

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Spacebox Self Storage is an operated business providing the highest quality customer service. Whether you are a student or moving to another place, storage units are required by each one of us to make our lives spacious for the products.
Therefore, located in the heart of Birmingham, our home storage solutions offer a convenient and easy way to store your belongings for as long as you need, whatever the reason. The Spacebox Storage helps you to store your furniture, clusters of unused items or even a classic car and motorcycle. 
Now, a lot of queries would be coming to your mind which is normal because it is difficult to trust anyone with your personal belongings, right? Well, you can trust Spacebox Storage as it is one of the cheapest storage spaces in Birmingham along with being located in the heart of the city. Here are the following facilities provided by the storage space:
●       Individually alarmed units
●       Opens daily
●       Contactless entry
●       Cheapest Storage Unit
●       Brand new purpose built facility
●       Smartphone enabled Bluetooth access control, 
●       Free Wi-Fi
●       Free use of trolleys
●       Accessible unloading areas with free forklift truck service.
●       Deliveries accepted on your behalf
●       Handover your parcels, posts to any carriers. 
Our walk-in storage containers start from £9.60 a week in a wide range of sizes. Each unit is individually alarmed and is accessed via an app, ensuring optimum security.

Depending upon the quantity of your products and belongings, the personal storage space unit size ranges from 20 square feet and goes up to 175 square feet. The personal storage is available for every citizen and for every event like:

●     Moving house:
Moving to another place has loads of furniture to which sometimes the whole stock could not be positioned in an organised way in the new home. Therefore, to make your life and house look spacious, we are here to assist you to bring in your products with full confidence and trust to us along with storing at the right place at the right time. 
●     Storage for students: 
During summer break and spring break, students mostly move to their own homes to spend some quality time with their families. They are left with a lot of stuff in their dorm room out of which some are personal documents or other valuables that keeps them worried. Thus, these students can spend their holidays without worrying and storing their stuff with us. 
●     Storage for life events:
Life is an unexpected train where any positive or a negative event can take place at any time. An emergency call to visit someone or a better job in your dream company, this leads to finding an emergency storage unit which can be provided by us as we are available 24/7 and 365 days. 
●     Home improvements and decluttering:
Home renovation and decluttering is a great way to freshen up your home, but can be difficult when you have big, bulky furniture or valuables in the way. If you’re undergoing any decoration, renovation or decluttering, keep your belongings safe with us. 
●     Travel storage:
Going travelling, whether it is for work, a long holiday or on a gap year is exciting, but can be stressful if you’re leaving some of your belongings behind. We’ll keep your belongings and furniture safe and secure whilst you travel the world.
One of the things that everyone is scared of is any kind of theft and misuse of their products. Thus, security is of an utmost importance for the Spacebox Self Storage Unit. Your items will be safe and secure. Each storage unit has individual alarms and is padlocked. We also offer contactless entry and 24/7 CCTV. 
Each unit is insulated, water tight, damp proof and clean, which means your items are protected from the elements. 
You can cancel anytime without any cancellation fee charges. The minimum contract is one month. We offer a monthly recurring contract that can be cancelled any time. This contract will run until the contract is cancelled. You don’t need to pay a deposit with Spacebox - you pay from the date you’ve booked your storage unit. All storage units need insurance, but we provide this in our quotes. You can waive the insurance but you’ll need to  sign a declaration. This means sole responsibility for all items stored is on you. 
Get your personalized space with a 24/7 facility along with proper security and including other benefits with Spacebox Storage Company. We are here to assist you at every point of your decision and provide the cheapest storage unit in Birmingham.