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All You Need To Know About Our Secure Self-Storage Units At Spacebox

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While many homeowners prefer storing their beloved items in their garages, basements, and rickety garden sheds, it may be a smart move to consider a secure storage facility. This is because there is a range of reputable self-storage facilities in the UK, and Spacebox Self Storage located in Birmingham is one of the leading service providers. Our security measures on all our secure self-storage units are of a high standard and quite tight to ensure that the possessions of our clients are safe in our care.

Compared to other options, using our 24/7 monitored storage units can be a great option as we make sure that your belongings are safer. However, if you are still considering the option, there are certain security measures you should expect from Spacebox. To help you understand, here is all you need to know about our secure self-storage units at Spacebox

The structural integrity of our unit

The structural integrity of the self-storage unit is one of the most important yet often overlooked security measures. Make sure you know how the units themselves are constructed in terms of materials used and construction methods. This will help you know if the structural integrity of the unit is easy to break into or damage.

At Spacebox Self-Storage, all our modern-built units are made from solid steel for maximum security. These individually alarmed storage units are well maintained and a regular inspection is performed to make sure that they are in tip-top condition. They also have moisture-resistant flooring and ventilation to help keep belongings safe from Great British weather and secure from burglars. 

Video surveillance

It is important to make sure that the storage unit you are choosing is covered by video surveillance. Make sure that the self-storage CCTV is not only trained on the units, but also able to record the entry and exit ways to the storage facility. This ensures that your belongings are securely stored in the storage facility at all times.

Here at Spacebox Self-Storage, we have a team on the ground who continuously monitor the footage, making it easy to notice a potential crime before it occurs. Also, CCTV footage is helpful in catching the perpetrators as quickly as possible, as the authorities can use it to identify them. 

How do we restrict unauthorised access?

Reputable storage facilities can restrict access to the premises in many ways. While some have a manned entry point and a controlled car park, others may even include a fenced boundary, or approve entry via a key code. This is because it is important to restrict access, as this helps make sure that only authorised visitors are to gain access to the premises. 

Our Spacebox premises feature a secured boundary that helps eliminate unauthorised access. Also, clients are the sole keyholder (Nokē Smart Entry system) to their storage unit, which we will provide to them on the move-in day once they have confirmed their identity.

Your items are safe with Spacebox Self-Storage

Here at Spacebox Self Storage, our utmost priority is security, this is why we take all the necessary measures to make sure that it is in tip-top condition.  With our comprehensive security systems, be rest assured that your possessions will be in safe hands 24/7.  All our state-of-the-art storage units are equipped with access control, monitored CCTV, a complimentary electronic smart lock where you can access your unit from your smart device, fully fenced premises, and restricted opening times. Whether you are a homeowner or business looking for safe and secure self Storage units in Birmingham.

Spacebox Self Storage is here with affordable solutions. Feel free to call us today at 01213260060.