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Online business has been an ongoing trend all around the globe. A large majority of people have started their own business of various commodities such as jewelry, hair and skin care products, daily products and many more. Also, starting at home requires a lot of space to store the stock for the customers. It requires patience and space along with some of the space being required for your thoughts. 
Well, you need to hold your breath and take a sigh of relief as Spacebox Self Storage is an operated business providing the highest quality customer service. Whether you are a working employee or setting up a new venture, storage units are required by each one of us to make our lives spacious for the products.
Your house must have been a place of stock after your new venture has earned some good profits and the investments must have been done in a good amount. Clusters of goods and commodities have been accommodated at one single place, right? Therefore, to provide you some space, we are here to add simplicity for your products and you in the heart of Birmingham, considered to be one of the cheapest storage space units near you.

The storage units here range from 9 sq. feet to 800 sq. feet and the rent for the units are also affordable along with providing a 24/7 CCTV security. A guaranteed service is provided to all our customers. 
●     365 days open
●     Alarmed units 
●     Contactless entry
●     Cheapest Storage units in Birmingham
●     Treating with hospitality 
●     Trustworthy storage units
●     Security access to all the units
●     24/7 under Security check
The storage containers pricing ranges from £9.60 a week and so on depending upon the units you acquire. 
Each one of our customers wants to know what they can store in their assigned units. As mentioned above, the size of the storage units vary from 9 sq. feet to 550 sq. feet which means that you can store anything from a single sheet of paper to well furnished furniture into the units at a very minimal cost. So when setting up a business at home and getting through a clustered up stock, remember Spacebox Self Storage units in Birmingham. Delve into our list that includes the various products that can be stored in your units:
●     Seasonal merchandise, products and equipment
●     Non-perishable stock
●     Photocopied Documents
●     Exhibition stands and equipment 
●     Office furniture
●     Storage cabinets
●     Unused stock 
●     Unnecessary items 
One of the most interesting things about Spacebox Self Storage is that you do not need to pay any deposit before acquiring the unit, rather the cost is to be paid from the day of booking. Also you can cancel with us at any time without any cancellation charges applied. We are here to assist you at every point of your decision and provide the cheapest storage unit in Birmingham.