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8 Surprising Items Students Can Store in Self-Storage Facility

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As students gear up for their well-deserved Easter holiday break, the inevitable question arises, what to do with belongings that will not be needed during their time away from campus? While self-storage facilities are often thought of as a solution for storing furniture or seasonal items, they offer a myriad of possibilities for students looking for safe and secure storage to safeguard a wider range of possessions. Whether you are from Aston University, Birmingham City University or Newman University, Spacebox Self Storage is your go-to destination for cost-effective student self-storage solutions. To help maximise your storage space, in this blog post, we highlight eight surprising items that students can consider stowing away during the holidays.

1. Bicycles and Scooters

Finding a secure storage solution during the holiday hiatus is paramount for students who rely on bicycles or scooters for campus transportation. Instead of leaving these valuable assets exposed to the elements or taking up valuable space in cramped dorm rooms, students can opt to store them in our self-storage unit. Perfectly built to protect valuables, their bikes and scooters will remain protected from harsh weather conditions, ensuring they are ready for use upon return.

2. Camping Gear

As avid outdoor enthusiasts know, camping gear can quickly accumulate and take up significant space in living quarters during the off-season. Tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and more can find a temporary home in a self-storage facility, freeing up space for students to relax and unwind over the holidays. With our flexible rental terms, students can retrieve their gear whenever the call of the wild beckons.

3. Gaming Consoles and Accessories

Gaming consoles and accessories are a staple for many students, but they can clutter up living spaces when not in use. Instead of leaving them vulnerable to damage or theft, students can opt to store their consoles, controllers, and games in a secure self-storage unit. With advanced security measures in place, they can enjoy peace of mind knowing their gaming gear is safely tucked away until needed.

4. Holiday Decorations

While holiday decorations add a festive flair to dorm rooms and flats, they often spend the majority of the year collecting dust in storage. Rather than allowing them to occupy valuable closet space, students can choose to store their holiday decor in our self-storage unit. With convenient access and flexible rental options, they can retrieve their decorations at a moment's notice to infuse their living space with seasonal spirit.

5. Musical Equipment

From keyboards to amplifiers, musical equipment can be bulky and challenging to transport between home and campus. To avoid the hassle, students can opt to store their instruments and gear in our self-storage facility during the holiday break. Be rest assured that your instruments will remain in optimal condition until they are ready to strike a chord again.

6. Seasonal Sports Equipment

Whether it is skiing in the winter or surfing in the summer, seasonal sports equipment can monopolise valuable living space when not in use. By storing their gear in our self-storage unit, students can reclaim rooms in their dorms or flats while keeping their equipment safe and secure. With affordable rates, it is a cost-effective solution for managing seasonal sports gear throughout the year.

7. Crafting Supplies

Crafting supplies such as sewing machines, knitting needles, and scrap-booking materials are beloved hobbies for many students. However, they can quickly clutter up living spaces if not properly stored. By renting our self-storage unit, students can keep their crafting supplies organised and accessible without sacrificing valuable room in their living areas.

8. Collectables and Memorabilia

From comic books to action figures, students often have collections that hold sentimental value. Rather than allowing these prized possessions to gather dust or risk damage, students can choose to store them in a self-storage facility during the holiday break. With advanced security features, students can rest assured that their collectables and memorabilia are in safe hands until they return.

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Spacebox Self-Storage facility offers students a versatile solution for managing their belongings during holiday breaks and beyond. Whether storing camping gear or any of the above-listed, students can benefit from the convenience, security, and affordability that our self-storage solutions provide. With flexible rental terms and a range of storage options available, students can maximise their space and enjoy peace of mind knowing their belongings are safely stored away until needed. Call us today at 01213260060, and we will help you with the booking process.