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All You Need To Know About The Type Of Storage Unit You Require

In the maze of life's transitions, such as moving homes, decluttering, or expanding a business, the question of storage inevitably comes up. Whether you are an individual or a business, it is important to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure. However,  with a plethora of storage options available, understanding the right size storage unit for your needs is paramount. This is why, at Spacebox Self Storage, we offer individually alarmed storage units and professional assistance to clients so that they can make the right decision. To help you understand our storage options, we share a deep insight into our storage offerings, ensuring you make an informed choice, whether it is stashing away personal memorabilia or business inventory.

10–25 sq-ft Storage Units: The Compact Option

The seemingly modest 10 to 25 sq-ft units surprisingly pack a punch when it comes to storage efficiency. Perfect for those who need just a bit more closet space, these self-storage units can effortlessly store:
  • Sporting goods, from tennis rackets to golf clubs, keep your home free from clutter.
  • Seasonal attire, including bulky winter coats and boots, freeing up your wardrobe for current-season clothing.
  • Extra business inventory, such as promotional materials or small product batches, ensures your office remains organised.
These units act as an extension of your home, providing a secure and accessible place for items you love but don't need daily access to.
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50–75 sq-ft Storage Units: The Versatile Solution

Doubling as an extra room, our 50 to 75 sq-ft units are the go-to for more substantial storage needs. They can easily fit:
  • The contents of a small flat, including furniture, appliances, and boxes, are ideal for those transitioning between homes.
  • Bulkier sports equipment, such as bicycles or surfboards, ensures your gear is ready and waiting for your next adventure.
  • Seasonal business stock, especially for retailers preparing for holiday sales or summer collections.
This size storage unit range offers the flexibility to store a variety of items securely, with enough room to organise everything neatly, making retrieval a breeze.

100–150 sq-ft Storage Units: The Spacious Option

When space is of the essence, our 100 to 150 sq-ft units deliver. They are perfectly suited for:
  • Housing the contents of a medium-sized house, including furniture, electronics, and personal items, during renovations or moves.
  • Larger business needs, from storing office furniture during a refurbishment to keeping excess inventory secure.
  • Special collections, such as antiques or large art pieces, provide a safe environment away from potential home damage.
Offering the space of a generous garage, these units allow for systematic storage and easy access, ensuring that your belongings are not only stored but also protected.
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200–450 sq-ft Storage Units: The Largest Alternative

Our most popular size and largest storage units, ranging from 200 to 450 sq-ft, are akin to a warehouse space, offering ample room for:
  • Entire households, make long-distance moves manageable by safeguarding possessions until they can be moved to their new home.
  • Business operations, providing enough space for large inventory volumes, machinery, or even acting as a distribution point for e-commerce ventures.
  • Vehicles, from classic cars requiring winter storage to company vans awaiting branding or sale.
These storage units cater to those with significant storage needs, ensuring that even the largest of items can be accommodated.

Choosing The Right Storage Option

Beyond size, considering the type of items you are storing is very important. For sensitive or valuable possessions, well-structured storage units can offer peace of mind by protecting against temperature fluctuations and humidity. Furthermore, think about accessibility, if you will need to access your items frequently, choose a storage facility that offers convenient access.

Effective packing can drastically increase the utility of your chosen storage unit. Consider using clear plastic bins for easy visibility, shelving units to maximise vertical space, and high-quality locks for added security.

Why Choose Spacebox Self Storage?

At Spacebox Self Storage, we offer both storage solutions and peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art security systems, including 24/7 CCTV and personalised access keyless entry, ensure that your belongings are safe. Flexible lease terms mean you can adjust your storage solution as your needs change, without being locked into long-term contracts.
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Book The Right Storage Unit Today 

Selecting the right storage unit size is not only a practical decision, but it is about making a choice that fits your lifestyle, be it personal or professional. Our guide aims to illuminate the path to selecting the perfect storage unit for your needs. At Spacebox Self Storage, our team is dedicated to offering not just space, but a seamless extension of your home or business. If you are ready to discover how our storage solutions can declutter your space and mind, feel free to ring us at 01213260060, and we will help you every step of the way to make the right decision.