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Exciting Expansion at Spacebox Self-Storage

Located at Unit 38, Plume Street, Birmingham, Spacebox Self Storage has long stood as a pillar of reliability and innovation when it comes to self-storage solutions. Today, we are ecstatic to share the news that marks a significant milestone not only for us but for every individual, student, homeowner, and business we serve. Our facility has undergone a monumental expansion, introducing 136 cutting-edge storage units tailored to meet the evolving demands of our diverse clientele. Apart from adding more storage space, we are opening up a world of new possibilities for our clients, ensuring that whatever your storage needs, Spacebox Self Storage is your go-to solution.

A New Chapter in Storage Solutions

At Spacebox Self Storage, we have always prided ourselves on understanding the dynamic needs of individuals, students, homeowners, and businesses. Our commitment to providing flexible, secure, and accessible self-storage solutions has just taken a giant leap forward. The recent expansion introduces a variety of storage unit sizes, ranging from a compact 10 sq ft to a sprawling 450 sq ft, ensuring that no matter your storage needs, we have the perfect space for you.

The Benefits of Modern Self-Storage

The concept of self-storage is evolving, and at Spacebox Self Storage, we are doing everything possible to make sure that we are at the forefront of this transformation. Our newly expanded facility is all about more secure storage units and delivering an enhanced experience that comes with tangible self-storage benefits.

  • Versatility

Whether you are a student needing a temporary home for your belongings over the summer, a homeowner in the midst of a remodel, or a business looking for additional inventory space, our range of storage unit sizes caters to every requirement.

  • Security

Peace of mind is priceless. Our modern standards of security ensure that your possessions are protected around the clock with state-of-the-art surveillance and access control systems.
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  • Accessibility

Located conveniently in Birmingham, accessing your stored items has never been easier. Plus, with our office rental services, businesses can find a home at Spacebox not just for their inventory but for their operations too.

  • Affordability

Expanding our facility allows us to offer competitive pricing across our range of services, ensuring that you are getting not only top-notch storage solutions but also great value for your investment.

A Closer Look at Our New Storage Units

The addition of 136 storage units at Spacebox Self Storage is more than just a number. It is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each new storage unit is built to modern standards, reflecting our dedication to providing spaces that are not only secure but also clean, well-maintained, and designed to accommodate a wide variety of storage needs.
From the smallest unit at 10 sq ft, ideal for personal items or documents, to the largest at 450 sq ft, perfect for businesses or extensive household items, our expanded range ensures that you will find the exact space you need. And with our flexible lease terms (enjoy 50 % off for the first 6 months) , you can stay for as long as you like, with the freedom to adjust as your needs change.

Beyond Storage: Office Rental Services

Spacebox Self Storage is a perfect place to store your belongings and also a hub for businesses of all sizes. Our office rental services provide an ideal environment for companies looking to establish or expand their presence in Birmingham. With flexible terms and a range of office sizes, we offer a solution that is as dynamic as the business world itself.

Let us Create Space Together

As we celebrate this significant milestone, we invite you to explore what our expanded facility has to offer. Whether you are new to self-storage or have been with us from the start, there is never been a better time to discover how Spacebox Self-Storage can make a difference in your life.
In a world where space is increasingly precious, finding ways to maximise what we have is more important than ever. Spacebox Self Storage is proud to lead the charge in Birmingham, offering more space that brings new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

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